Atata 1.7.0 is Released

August 27, 2020 by Yevgeniy Shunevych

Atata 1.7.0 is released with a set of enhancements and fixes.


New Features

  • minor #381 Ability to specify driver ports to ignore
  • minor #388 Add extra OrderedList<TOwner> and UnorderedList<TOwner> controls using TextListItem<TOwner>
  • minor #389 Add BeInAscendingOrder and BeInDescendingOrder verification extension methods
  • minor #390 Add TextListItem<TOwner> control

Changes and Enhancements

  • minor #377 Append preceding slash to XPath passed into ControlList’s SelectDataByExtraXPath and SelectContentsByExtraXPath methods
  • minor #379 Log DriverService port during AtataContext build
  • minor #382 Add parameterless generic AddLogConsumer method to AtataContextBuilder
  • minor #383 Log: change <> characters to [] for collections
  • minor #384 Log: write bool value in lower case


  • fix #378 Driver service is not disposed when driver instance fails to create during building of AtataContext
  • fix #380 Assertion of empty ControlList<TItem, TOwner> takes extra time
  • fix #385 WaitTo and ExpectTo verifications are processed like Should (assertion) for UIComponent verification methods
  • fix #386 InnerException is lost when throwing NUnit.Framework.AssertionException
  • fix #387 Randomizer.GetString method fails when length is greater than 32