Atata.Configuration.Json 2.2.0 is Released

November 17, 2022 by Yevgeniy Shunevych

Atata.Configuration.Json 2.2.0 is released with support of latest Atata 2.4.0 configuration properties.


New Features

  • major #94 Add support of page snapshots configuration

Changes and Enhancements

  • major #93 Use Atata package v2.4.0

Page Snapshots Configuration

Added JSON configuration properties:

  "takePageSnapshotOnNUnitError": true,
  "takePageSnapshotOnNUnitErrorTitle": "string",

  "pageSnapshots": { // Configures page snapshots functionality.
    "fileNameTemplate": "string",
    "strategy": {
      "type": "cdpOrPageSource", // Supports: "cdpOrPageSource", "pageSource", "cdp", and name of custom type implementing "Atata.IPageSnapshotTakeStrategy".
      "{strategyValueName}": "value" // Any property or constructor parameter of strategy.